Is Chain Link Fencing Cheaper Than Wood?

Fencing allows you to regulate privacy, property access, and security. You may want to explore chain-link and wood fence options, as the material may impact cost, installation, and maintenance. Chain link fencing may be cheaper than wood fencing, but the cost varies depending on installation needs, regulations, and landscape. Here are details of the two fencing options:

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is made from woven galvanized wire. The series of diamond-shaped meshes allow one to have a sturdy barrier without disrupting the view. Its versatile application allows people to use it for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences offer the following advantages to property owners:


Chain link fences are cheaper, making them attractive to homeowners and businesses. Although the fence’s size and length may impact cost, the material is more affordable than wood, making chain link fences ideal for large spaces.


The galvanized steel wire is less likely to need regular upkeep. It is relatively resistant to extreme weather conditions, saving maintenance costs and improving your fence’s longevity. 

Wood Fencing

Wood’s versatility and rustic charm make it a widespread choice for property owners. Wood fencing is available in different styles, lengths, heights, and designs to suit different needs and tastes. The material costs may vary depending on the wood’s durability, aesthetics, decay, and pest resistance. Some wood species are more durable and resistant to weathering. 

Advantages of Wood Fencing

Whether it’s for open pasture or privacy fencing, wood fences have several advantages:

Improved Privacy and Security

Wood fencing can offer privacy on your property, depending on the style and height used. They are accessible in more privacy-focused options, helping you secure your space. Reducing the spaces between planks and opting for tight fencing offers better security since it is harder to scale due to the smoother surface.


Wood fencing offers more finishing and design choices. You can paint, stain, or add metal fixtures to the fences to complement your property’s exterior and decorative features. Different wood types, such as pine, redwood, or cedar, can be used for more customization, durability, and appeal. 

More Manicured Aesthetics

Wooden fencing usually has a cleaner, classier look than other options. Their aesthetic appeal allows owners to find the ideal look for their property. Regular maintenance can preserve or enhance the property’s curb appeal, improving its resale value.

The Cost of Chain Link Fences vs. Wood Fences

Chain link fencing can be cheaper than wood fencing, but the cost may vary depending on these factors:


Chain link fences are usually cheaper than wood fences, but prices differ based on the fence’s size, height, and metal used. Galvanized steel is more affordable and corrosion-resistant but unappealing due to its industrial look. You can choose the PVC-coated option, which is more attractive than the industrial look but may cost more.


Wood fences need to be stained and polished to improve aesthetics. They are more delicate than the metal used in chain links. Metal’s durability allows chain link fences to withstand extreme outdoor elements better than wood fences. 


Design simplicity and the cheap material used to make chain link fences are cheaper than wood fences, but the terrain of your property can influence the installation costs. A rocky or uneven landscape makes it difficult to dig the holes and may drive up the price. 

Consult Chain Link Fencing Experts Today

Chain link fences are low-maintenance, durable options, while wood fences are more appealing and versatile. Their affordability and longevity compensate for their limited designs and styles. Chain link fences are easy to maintain, install and cheaper to buy, saving you money in the long run. They can offer a temporary but cost-effective solution when planning your outdoor events. Contact a fencing expert to help you select an option that best suits your needs.