Choosing gemstone jewellery for their healing powers

gemstone jewelry

Gemstone accessories are always in demand for their allure and unique charm. They create fascination in the minds of the onlookers. Every gem has a story, and some have been there from pre-historic times. The royal people had their adornments studded with these gems. Gemstone accessories have not only been worn for their exquisite beauty but also because of their metaphysical aspects. The ancient people used the gems for their healing benefits since these crystals are bestowed with some extraordinary powers.

The vibrational energies of the gemstones might be surprising for some, but jewelry enthusiasts who are attracted to the gem world know how life-changing can these crystals be. Every gemstone has got a different set of healing benefits and is often chosen based on this aspect. Some like to go with their birthstone as it is a surety that the crystal will work for them, while some prefer gems that work to alleviate a specific problem. For a gemstone to work for the wearer, it is necessary that it is authentic. For genuine gemstone jewelry, Rananjay Exports is a renowned name in the jewelry market. They are known for their best quality gemstone jewelry.

Libyan Desert Glass: This gem is best known for its spiritual aspects. It is a really old gemstone, more than 25 million years old. ( Here, I have not mentioned the exact number of years as it is still debated. ) Being that old, it has been used by our ancestors. Formed because of a meteorite impact, the gemstone is regarded as valuable in many cultures. The gem is known to protect the wearer from negative psychic energy. It creates a protective psychic shield for the wearer that doesn’t let anyone steal their energy or harm their aura. It is a powerful manifestation stone, and people wear Libyan desert glass jewelry to manifest and achieve success in different aspects of life.

Opal accessories: Because this gemstone emits almost every color for the rainbow, that’s why it was considered a really powerful gemstone having other world energies. Romans called it ‘o palus’ or Precious stone and were in awe of the surreal beauty. It is regarded as a good luck charm and is worn to bring fortune in life. Wearing opal jewelry is believed to bless the person with an abundance of happiness, prosperity, and good health. It helps in the assimilation of nutrients in the body and is excellent for the good health of eyes, skin, and hair. It is a birthstone for Taurus but can be a good gift for a loved one because it is a symbol of love and passion. Opal jewelry is also for kick-starting creativity.

Moldavite:Considered as a highly spiritual gemstone, it is bestowed with extraterrestrial energies. The green talisman is loved for its healing benefits. It heals the wearer from past traumas and gives them the confidence to move ahead. It opens the heart of the wearer to unconditional love. Wearing moldavite jewelry helps the person to analyze their actions for mistakes and amend them in the future. Like other gemstones, the green color of the gem has energy beneficial for the eyes’ health.

Moonstone jewelry: The ancient people compared this gemstone with the energies of the lunar gods and goddesses. Moonstone jewelry is said to soothe the aggressive side of men and makes the wearer gentle to others. The ‘Stone of Lovers’ was believed to make the estranged lovers unite. Moonstone jewelry protects the aura of the wearer from negative energies and evokes passion and creativity in them.

Larimar: It has gorgeous blue and green hues and patterns of white flecks and is a rare gemstone. It has soothing qualities and is known to bring tranquility and calm to the wearer. Known as the Caribbean gem, it is desirable and is known to relieve problems like stress and anxiety. The gemstone also helps to feel better again and get rid of destructive patterns. It enables the wearer to accept things as they are and develop patience. Larimar jewelry can be an excellent gift to someone as it will remind them of the Caribbean.

Turquoise Jewelry: Having vibrant blue, green or blue-green shades, the gemstone is the favorite of many. The gem brings tranquility and hope to the wearer’s life. It also brings creativity to life. Turquoise jewelry brings happiness and luck to the wearer. Another soothing stone, agate, is known to heal anger and strengthen relationships. Wearing agate jewelry helps to enhance analytical abilities.

  1. Conclusion

Gemstone jewelry is the best addition to your collection. Go for real gems, and they will work for your customers. Rananjay Exports has genuine gemstone jewelry made in 925 sterling silver. They are the best dealers in wholesale gemstone jewelry in vintage as well as the latest designs. They are known for their exceptional quality jewelry