Do You Know? These 7 Handbag Trends Are on Their Way Out


Although the proverb “diamonds are everlasting” is true, ignore diamonds. In my opinion, handbags last a lifetime. You just need to know when to put some trends on hold for a few seasons in favor of newer, more modern options. (Before putting them in storage for the time being, pack them with newspaper to retain their shape.)

With many of the tried-and-true faves from the previous seasons beginning to appear outdated in comparison to the flashy new ones that designers promoted on the autumn runways, I’ve observed a larger-than-normal shift in terms of bag trends this fall. Retro bowler and briefcase-style bags have taken the role of Prada’s once-ubiquitous nylon Re-Edition bags, while astonishingly little purses have been replaced by shockingly large ones (because practicality for fall is always trendy).

The moment has come for a changing of the guard, even though it’s difficult to say goodbye to the bags that have daily carried our most valuable items for the past few years. See which trends to put away this season and which to replace them with in the paragraphs that follow.

Prada has long been a thought-starter and a pioneer in trend generation, so it was only natural that when the company reprinted its nylon purse from 2000, it would take the fashion world by storm, inspiring hundreds of knockoffs and quickly becoming a social media mainstay. However, a shorter lifespan that comes with so much attention has led shoppers to search elsewhere for the next stylish bag to carry this fall. Knowing this, the company produced the Supernova bag, which is helping the early-aughts bowler-bag trend to resurface.

Due in large part to Balenciaga’s Le Cagole shoulder bag, which made buckled, hardware-adorned hot pink and lime green totes feel like an essential part of our summer wardrobes, neon bags got their day in the sun. But now that fall has arrived, it’s time to put those colorful bags away in favor of metallic purses, which are a little more frosty and festive. Given how “tacky” those hues had previously appeared, the recent surge of gold and silver purses, a byproduct of the expanding heavy-metal runway trend, appears eerily new.

Beach bags are over; hello, stylish replacements for our dull office totes. The easygoing, crochet bags we use frequently in the summer have been overshadowed by rectangular, briefcase-inspired purses thanks to companies like Miu Miu, Khaite, Prada, Romytisa and others. What’s best? You can fit your laptop inside, depending on the size you choose, saving you the trouble of carrying a simple canvas bag to and from work.

In warm weather, when clothes are unnecessary, basket bags are ideal because they make it simple to reach into an open bag and retrieve items that are hidden inside. But now that fall has here and winter is quickly approaching, we require bags that are adaptable, spacious, and have zippers that can close tightly. Slouchy bags like those produced by Khaite and Ree Projects are useful in this situation. These stylish totes are a good pick for the next cold-weather season because they are slouchy and casual without looking dowdy.

Triangle bags, which predominated in the brand’s fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023 collections, are another trend driven by Prada. The design has quickly overtaken wristlets as a top rival because of their diminutive size and distinctive shape. Wristlets had a comeback a few seasons ago, but their appeal has since started to wane.

Extra-extra little bags have recently lost their coolness, and I know I’m not the only one who finds this a little exciting. Even though they are adorable, these tiny handbags are just too impractical for anyone who likes to leave the house with more than just a credit card, ID, and box of breath mints. XXL bags, which can fit all of your needs and then some, are a trend I’m supporting for the autumn.

Although Balenciaga’s neon Le Cagole bags are becoming less popular, the general look—especially in more subdued hues like black and white—is still popular. In fact, it’s sparked an increase in demand for purses with lots of hardware, including buckles, clasps, and clips of every description. We’ll almost likely have to give up a couple of our tried-and-true faves in the process because there are so many possibilities available. Since practical belt bags haven’t felt new in a few seasons, buckle bags will have to do until a designer gives them another makeover.