The Top Home Renovation Apps for You

Whether you, as a homeowner, want to raise the value of your home ahead of a sale or are just excited to make up one for yourself, you would be thinking to make it undergo a renovation project. If so, you could be thinking about hiring a home renovation contractor and cutting costs. Besides, the most pressing thought amid a home renovation project is how to turn your idea into reality. 

If yes, you have stumbled on the right article as this post will guide you through the best home renovation projects that will help you with management, planning, and creation, as well as visualization of your new home. 

Just anyone, from a novice in remodeling to an expert, can use these applications to turn their imaginations into reality. FYI, you need good internet to make the most of the applications. In fact, it is highly recommended to use a good internet connection when using these applications to avoid interruptions while formulating models. 

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Anyway, let’s get straight to the home renovation apps now: 

  1. Houzz

Houzz is your one-stop shop for home remodeling and design. You can shop for furniture, and materials, and use a virtual reality tool to preview what components look like in your home. Moreover, it offers access to a network of over 2.7 million contractors. 

So, you can hire or talk with experts with a click. Some of the highlights of this app are that it is free to use, offers a 3D “view in my room” feature, and offers the ability to buy furniture directly from the app. 

  1. Room Planner

Standing true to its name, Room Planner is your go-to application to decorate your house and furnish it. This app offers a wide selection of home décor ideas to get inspiration to design your bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. This app is available on both Android and iOS and is free with in-app purchases. 

  1. Homestyler

Another tremendous home renovation app that makes it to the list is Homestyler. With this app, you can work on a renovation project from the beginning till the end, and use a template, or even a photo of your current place to create a design plan. This is a free application and its tools can be accessed on both, mobile and desktop. 

Although this is a free tool, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan to get high-quality renderings. Cherry on the top, this application comes with 1K 3D renderings and a VR feature, allowing you to take a virtual tour and amend it accordingly.

  1. Home Design 3D

This application allows you to plan and manage your renovation projects perfectly. It enables you to view floorplan to try different interiors as well as decorate your exteriors. You can switch between 2D and 3D to make quick changes in real time. 

This tool also offers a nighttime function that allows you to visualize your home in the evening hours. What’s more, it offers a support hub that has a plethora of videos and articles to get ideas from. Also, this application does not necessitate an internet connection. So, you can use it anytime, anywhere. 

  1. iScape

If you are a beginner and overwhelmed with tasks of renovation, this is the best app to start with. There is a free version of the app that comes with 2D and 3D AR design tools, which you can use for landscaping novices. You get matched with a professional designer who can help you to get going with your home renovation project like a pro. 

Final Verdict

We have laid out some of the best home remodeling apps that you can use for your upcoming project. You will set yourself up for no headache if you use any of the applications that provide an extensive variety of home design options and check in real-time if they suit the home design and appeal to your taste. So, download any of the applications and get a step closer to your dream home!