How to Transition Outfits from Summer to Fall: 5 Tips and Tricks

August is upon us, and the back-to-school sales are in full swing. Before you know it, the days will be getting shorter and you’ll be thinking about trading in your flip-flops for a pair of stylish boots. Even if fall is your favorite season, figuring out what to wear can be tricky at this time of year. Depending on where you live, it could be pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings but blistering hot in the afternoon. Those big temperature shifts throughout the day can make it seem nearly impossible to stay comfortable all day long. 

The good news? 

You don’t need to buy a brand-new wardrobe in preparation for the upcoming season. Chances are you have plenty of summer outfits you can easily repurpose and wear this fall. Whether it’s your favorite tie dye shirts, an adorable sundress or another of your summer wardrobe favorites, keep reading to discover how to transition outfits from summer to fall. 

Add an Awesome Jacket

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Adding a stylish jacket is one of the best — and easiest — ways to turn a summer outfit into a look that’s perfect for fall. Even if you are trying to stick to a tight budget, a nice jacket is one thing that is worth splurging on. You can wear the right jacket over your favorite sundress, sleeveless shirts and more. Rather than buying jackets for each outfit, though, look for one that ticks all the boxes. 

Denim jackets, trench coats, leather jackets, blazers and cargo jackets are all solid and versatile options. Fall is the time to embrace dark neutral colors, like black and charcoal, and choosing a jacket in one of these colors ensures that it will work with a multitude of outfits. 

A nice jacket will keep you warm on those chilly nights and mornings. It will also tone down summer prints, florals and tie dyes to make them more appropriate for fall. Take your time to find one that fits and looks fantastic on you. 

Invest in Wardrobe Basics That Aren’t Season-Specific

When shopping for new apparel, look for basics that are appropriate for year-round wear. This fall, instead of looking for seasonal colors like orange, red and brown, choose neutrals that you can wear at any time of year. Consider buying wholesale t-shirts in black, white and navy blue. Look for a nice pair of well-tailored jeans, some nice black dress slacks and a stylish, neutral skirt, too. These pieces will get you through the entire year and can be customized for specific seasons by adding a few simple accessories. 

Investing in classic garments that you can wear year-round is the basis of building a capsule wardrobe. If you are tired of having lots of clothes, but not knowing what to wear and don’t want to shop for new apparel seasonally, a capsule wardrobe is an excellent way to simplify your life while remaining stylish. 

Make Your Outfits Pop with Accessories

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The right accessories can change the entire look of an outfit. And when it comes to transitioning from summer to fall, they are a great way to give your look some extra warmth. On cool days, adding a wool hat or a lovely cashmere scarf makes virtually any outfit appropriate for fall in seconds. 

If it still feels like summer outside, you can give your outfit a warmer look by adding some stylish gold or bronze jewelry. A nice silk scarf also makes an outfit more appropriate for fall without making it hotter to wear. 

When shopping for accessories for fall, choose rich, warm colors. Think deep orange, burgundy, eggplant, mustard and chocolate brown. Need some inspiration? Check out some photos of autumn leaves to get some ideas of colors that are great to wear at this time of year. You can draw inspiration from your favorite fall treats, too, like caramel apples, pumpkin pie and apple cider. 

Layer Up

Adding a jacket is one way to create a layered look, but it definitely is not the only one. From cardigans to long-sleeve t-shirts, there are all sorts of ways to create layered looks. And in addition to looking cozy for fall, you will be able to stay comfortable all day long with layers that you can take off and put on as needed. 

A cardigan or duster is a must-have for any fall wardrobe. Whether it’s a warm, cozy one to snuggle up in while you’re at work in a chilly office or a lightweight one to help make a summer outfit more appropriate for fall without adding a lot of bulk, there are all sorts of options out there. If a cardi or duster isn’t quite your style, look for a shawl or wrap instead. Even a zippered hooded sweatshirt will get the job done! 

Keep wearing your favorite summer sundresses this fall by pairing them with opaque tights or leggings. Choose dark, fall-friendly colors to transition your summer looks to fall instantly. Tights and leggings are great under mini and midi skirts, too. 

Swap Your Sandals for Boots

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Does anything say “fall” more than a pair of boots? We don’t think so! After several months of letting your toes breathe in sandals, it’s time to make the switch to boots. Whether you prefer tall, knee-high boots or ankle booties, swapping out your summer footwear has a significant impact on your overall look. 


Fall is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you need to put all your summer clothes away until next year. With the tips above, you can transition many of your favorite summer outfits into fall and continue wearing them throughout the season. With a bit of creativity and the right accessories, you can remain stylish even during this challenging time of year.