Streetwear brands you should wear for 2021


Style in the western side of the world constantly changes when we enter a new season. As soon as a new season comes in, brands will change their style of clothing. Some brands will copy others and other brands will take a risk at creating a new style. It can be easy to fall behind with keeping up with the latest fashion trends. 

A fashion trend that refuses to leave the fashion industry is Streetwear. It started in 1980 when Shawn Stussy, a surfer, created his clothing brand. He originally started writing his name on surfboards before beginning to make clothes with his name on them. 

Other brands decided to jump on the streetwear style making it a worldwide trend. Stussy, Supreme, North Face, Louis Vuitton and many others all use the streetwear style to this date. 


Champion is a brand that comes and goes. Now it is back, with some amazing quality clothing. You can see it almost everywhere on the street and you will see it when you go for a few drinks with your friends. 

One of the best things about Champion (if not the best) is that you can buy it at a good price and, it is good quality as well. Around six or seven years ago, Champion was very popular and then it went off the map. Now it is back, better than ever. 

Champion is popular for both activewear and printed clothing. Which, is why it is a popular streetwear brand. Champion love printed clothing as well, it is a logo that is easy on the eye and adds a bit of colour. They make t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants which fit both males and females. Not to mention they make very stylish clothing for children as well. 

Levi Strauss

You cannot go wrong with a pair of Levi Jeans. They are a brand that you should start spending your money on because it is worth it. The price might knock you back a bit but, the durability of their clothing will get your money’s worth. Levi Strauss does not only make jeans but, they also create t-shirts and jackets. 

Levi comes and goes with the fashion industry but, you will always see them in the street. Levi Jeans are great for any occasion which is why you will see them on the street.


Everybody knows about Nike and Adidas. However, Nike seems to be the more prominent brand on the street with its urban streetwear. They produce high-quality sportswear which, you will see them advertising in cities and television adverts.  

Nike dominated the sportswear scene with their dri-fit material when they first released it. It is a material that remains dry from your sweat and poor weather conditions which a lot of sports teams will now wear. Other sportswear brands have also adopted the science behind the dri-fit material because of how good it is. 

One final thing to mention about Nike is they are very popular with their tracksuits. Do not be surprised to see a Nike Tracksuit in the western part of the world, especially the United Kingdom.

Reigning Champion

This is probably the most premium brand on the list and is a popular brand in the North American region. They produce both activewear and luxury casual clothes so there is plenty to choose from on their website. Reigning Champion is a brand that has come under fire due to it not being environmentally friendly. However, they do provide good quality clothing which, is why it can be expensive. 

They are most popular with their activewear such as their t-shirts and shorts. There is a range of materials to choose from on their website which is another thing that makes them so good. Activewear has slowly made its way onto the market for streetwear. So do not be surprised if you see both males and females walking around in Reigning Champion. 


Both Japan and China are countries that have recently taken on the streetwear style and adapted to their communities. Neighborhood is a Japanese brand that has become extremely popular in the eastern part of the world. It is popular on social media with both TikTok and Instagram. Streetwear is becoming more and more popular every year throughout the world. 

It is high-quality clothing that is full of floral patterns and printed clothing. Shinsuke Takizawa was the founder of this wonderful clothing brand and has become popular over recent years. 


Fashion trends constantly changes, however streetwear remains the same throughout. It is an easy to wear style due to the majority of the clothes being a baggy fit. Printed clothing is great for streetwear fashion and makes a massive change from just plain clothing. Streetwear is popular on both social media and celebrities influencers so keep your eye out on what they are wearing if you are struggling. 

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