Top 5 Maharashtrian Wedding Trends to Behold In 2021


The year 2021 has brought with it many challenges, but it has also brought new hope amongst people in the form of vaccines. As things move towards positive outcomes, people have allowed themselves to celebrate with utmost caution. There is hope for those couples that want to tie their knots for marriage. Small weddings are the recent breakthrough, where the number of guests has lessened, but the confidence to celebrate love has gotten bigger. 

The invention of the latest trends is bringing new dawn upon the wedding industry. These are improved ways in which the bride and groom can plan and execute their marriage ceremonies to prove advantageous to their guests, extended family, and the planet! Before we get to the list, let us help you find the perfect match. Download any Marathi Matrimony app today and discover the right partner for yourself. Let’s take a look at the latest wedding trends this year below:

1. Going Paperless

There’s no need to run after vendors anymore to get that perfect invitation for your Marathi wedding – 2021 is all about going paperless. Marathi couples are choosing to embrace new trends by going paperless for their wedding invitations. It’s the latest trend on social media that can help save money without compromising the great design or aesthetics of a printed sheet of paper. Excessive paper use can leave a significant footprint on our planet, while digital prints are a more accessible option for intimate weddings. If you want to plan for your own wedding and are looking for the right match, then make your Marathi Matrimony profile to meet the perfect life partner for your future.

Couples have the flexibility to choose how grand their announcement needs to be or can add a personal touch with an exclusive photoshoot for family members/friends. Going paperless is not only an eco-friendly option, but it also costs significantly less in comparison to a printed invite. Digital invites provide more creative liberty to design a perfect invite in less time, which can help to set the right tone for the wedding. Guests can quickly RSVP if it’s a Zoom wedding and know what to expect from the wedding celebrations.

2. Small-sized Weddings

A small-sized wedding means that the guest list will include less than 50 names. With fewer people, the couple can pay more attention to the invited people and make it an intimate affair over a grand one. There are many advantages of having an intimate gathering, such as choosing a venue – which could be your garden or a small hall. A lesser amount of time would go into ordering sufficient furniture, decor, food, etc., and things will be easier to manage with more focus. The couple and their parents can spend quality time with the guests, which is better than calling hundreds of people, half of which you don’t even know if they attended. Having the ceremonies amongst a close-knit group means it’s a budget-friendly option, where parents give their attention to the couple rather than playing host all day long.

3. Minimal Makeup Looks

Marathi brides would love to look glamorous on their most special day, but nobody wants a bucket of makeup to be applied over their faces. 2021 has become all about highlighting a bride’s natural face by focusing on her eyes, adding some blush to her cheeks, and going for a nude lip. Having glowing, even skin with big, bright, and beautiful eyes is the new trend for brides who want to achieve a high-definition makeup look from their makeup artists.

3. Muted/Neutral Tones & Color-Palette

If the size of the venue is small, one can try some neutral shades to make the wedding grounds look bigger. 2021 trends are welcoming pastel shades over bold ones to be more versatile and work in all seasons. In case if you’re planning to go all beige and white, do make sure to add a few pops of color here and there to maintain some vibrancy and flavor for the wedding celebrations.

4. Wearing Masks+Maintaining Sanitization

Because we are still amid a pandemic, it is rightfully so that couples should take all preventative measures to ensure the safety of their guests. Some ways to achieve this could be to have personalized masks and pocket sanitizers designed and gifted to each family member or friend. Along with this, the bride and groom can also ensure that various sanitization stations are placed around the venue with cute little notes or photo booths around them to share on social media platforms! 

5. Supporting Local Suppliers

One of the most important and sustainable options for 2021 Marathi weddings is for the couple to show their support for local artisans. Be it the outfit, decor, food, shoes, accessories, etc., everything has a local alternative. This means that local workers will remain employed in these challenging times and be working hard so that the couple can show off their authentic culture and heritage. Many of the karigars have beautiful command over their work that you wouldn’t score such detailing even in designer stores. At the end of the day, it’s good for the economy, for their income, and your pocket!

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