The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Checklist Everyone Needs! 

Your wedding is approaching, and there is so much to do! Brides and grooms get too busy around their wedding day that they forget a few vital elements. 

There are hundreds of things to plan, so it is best to have a checklist. Most things are usually taken care of when you host an indoor wedding. For example, an indoor banquet will have lighting, a stage, seating, carpeted areas, and other elements that make the space functional. But an outdoor wedding space needs more work (or perhaps less), but a wedding checklist should be in place. 

Since you’re here, let us share the ultimate outdoor wedding checklist! Before looking for outdoor wedding venues in Minnesota, read this post as we share the ultimate list. This way, you won’t forget anything before or on the big day. 

#1 What if the current location does not work out? 

It’s your wedding day, so you must be prepared for sudden and unpleasant surprises. For example, the current location or venue you’ve chosen may not be available on the date you’ve chosen. Be prepared with an alternative location or venue just in case things don’t work in your favor. 

If you want a garden wedding but it starts raining suddenly, then you should be prepared to have a venue that has a garden but can also accommodate guests inside an enclosed space. We hope it doesn’t rain on your wedding day unless you want to have a rain dance party after the nuptials. Wedding gowns with long sleeves offer sun protection and warmth during cool evenings. They add elegance while keeping bugs at bay. perfect for rustic or bohemian themes, they blend fashion with practicality for a memorable outdoor ceremony

#2 A Quick Communication Plan 

Let’s say you have planned to start the wedding celebration later; you have to think of a communication mode to let everyone know about the change of plans. 

Your guests deserve to know if there is a slight schedule change. Keep a wedding planner in the loop because they might have ideas about conveying the message to other guests. A close friend can also help you with this.

While you’re busy dressing up and getting ready to walk down the aisle, make sure your friend conveys the message to all the guests. 

#3 Parking Spot 

If there is not enough parking for vehicles, you will have a tough time. Does your outdoor wedding venue have enough parking? Do you have too many guests coming in? If yes, choose a location that has ample parking slots. 

If your guests park their vehicles at the wrong spot, the cops may come and cause havoc. Many outdoor spaces have a dedicated parking spot for multiple cars, so you can check with the venue before booking. 

You will also have to mention the parking spot for the guests to see. How will they know if they’re coming to a venue with ample parking space? Write it down on your wedding website or the wedding card. 

#4 Changing Room For Brides and Grooms 

You need a space to change your wedding attire, freshen up, and rest. Does the outdoor wedding venue have rooms where the bride and groom can change? Check if they have these dedicated changing rooms and restrooms for guests. 

Since this is your wedding, you don’t want anyone to have an unpleasant experience. Check the condition of the bathrooms and changing rooms before booking the venue. If you find unpleasant surprises later on, it will be a traumatic experience for everyone in the family. Guests will leave with poor taste too. 

#5 Does the venue allow DJs and performances? 

Some like to have a private and quiet wedding, and others want to dance their heart out on the wedding day. Which category are you in?

Regardless of where you fit, you need to ask the venue manager whether they allow performances and DJs at their venue. Some venues also have a time limit wherein they can’t let outdoor music play beyond 10 PM. Check the restrictions and then book. If you want a quiet affair with some pianists, you have less to worry about. 

#6 Getting a Dance Floor 

Some grooms and brides want a dance floor. Outdoor spaces have grass and other areas where you can dance, but having a dance floor makes it all official that everyone needs to join. 

You would want a portable, robust dance floor that can house many people. Besides this, you don’t need disco lights if it’s a daytime event. 

#7 Outdoor Catering 

Outdoor venues may provide you with the option of catering too, or they might know the right professionals for the job, but you need to ensure it is as you like. The food should be excellent, so pay attention to the caterer you hire for the big day. Do a tasting of dishes before the venue serves them to the guests.

#8 Special Seating or Elderly and Disabled Guests Another thing you need to pay attention to is the seating for disabled and elderly guests. Give them proper seating and a good view. They should be able to see the wedding celebrations without any difficulty.