Tips for Applying Large Vinyl Stickers Without Any Bubbles

Vinyl Stickers Without Any Bubbles

Vinyl stickers are portable, attractive, easy to apply, and removable. You can use vinyl graphics on cars, walls, windows, storefronts, and other surfaces. One challenge when applying vinyl is the appearance of bubbles and wrinkles. Bubbles make the graphics look unprofessional and less attractive. Below are a few tips to help you apply smooth vinyl stickers without any bubbles or wrinkles:

Use Quality Vinyl Graphics

You’ll need quality vinyl graphics to get a clean look, so your first tip is to find trustworthy suppliers. Determine the best printable vinyl stickers for the job. A typical vinyl sticker has two layers around the graphic. One layer is a mask protecting the artwork from external elements. The other layer separates the graphics from the adhesive. Some sheets can withstand high-temperature resistance and pressure-sensitive applications. Choose premium quality, reinforced vinyl sheets optimized for your application.

Prepare the Surface

Quality installation can prevent the appearance of bubbles and wrinkles on your vinyl sticker. Prepare the surface where the sticker will be applied. Before applying the sticker, clean the surface to remove all dust, grime, and debris. Use a cloth to wipe the surface, then use water and soap to clean stubborn dirt or stains. Dust and debris beneath vinyl stickers can create bubbles on the graphic. The debris also traps air, which causes bubbles and wrinkles, so clean the surface before applying your sticker.

Use Tape and Liquid Soap

Use masking tape to secure the vinyl stickers in the desired position. Tape the tops of the stickers to provide support. Make sure the stickers don’t move around. Spray the surface with soapy water to prevent the adhesive from sticking permanently, so you can adjust the sticker later on if necessary. Soapy water also makes it easy to use a squeegee to create a smooth surface without bubbles and wrinkles. The water can dry within minutes, leaving the sticker firmly affixed to your chosen wall or window.

Squeegee the Graphic

Use a squeegee to gently force the soapy water out from beneath the graphic before it dries. Remove the liquid soap after applying the sticker to prevent some parts from sticking early. When applying the sticker, don’t touch any part of the adhesive. Spray a little soapy water, then attach the graphic. Adjust the position, then use a squeegee to apply an even force from the center of the sticker out to the sides. Make sure all the water is out from under the graphic before removing the masking paper. Peel off the masking paper sideways so that it comes off easily.

Find Premium Vinyl Stickers for Easy Installation

Avoiding bubbles and wrinkles in large vinyl stickers requires premium graphics and careful installation. Start with quality vinyl graphics that can withstand installation without tearing. Optimize the material properties, thickness, pressure resistance, and other attributes for the application. Find helping hands to apply a large sticker or get a professional to handle the installation. Clean the surface, don’t touch the adhesive, and peel the masking off gently. Squeegee the surface before finishing to remove the last tiny bubbles. 

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