Top Reasons Why The Eyes Truly Are The Windows To The Soul

Making eye contact with someone can be seen as a positive or negative thing depending on the culture that you grew up in. Sometimes if you look at someone for too long, it can feel a little bit awkward and especially so if you have no idea who they are. The important thing however is that people do recognise the importance of eye contact and many people don’t trust someone who isn’t able to hold their gaze over an extended amount of time. It is incredibly important for business and especially if you are involved in the sales profession. Many buyers admit that they need to be able to make eye contact with potential sales representatives if they are to build up a relationship with them.

There is no doubt that the eyes truly are the windows to the soul and they offer a form of non-verbal communication that we use to communicate with each other. This means that the eyes are the focal point in any first meeting and so you may want to spend a little bit more time before an important meeting to make them a little bit more attractive. Many people decide to add some lashes to draw people to their eyes and so they need to use the best lash glue in Australia. If you have never really thought about the importance of the eyes when it comes to relationships whether they are business or personal then maybe the following reasons can explain why eye contact is essential for good communication.

  • It shows honesty – As was touched on briefly before, business people and people who generally operate in the online marketplace do not generally like to conduct business with people who look them directly in the eye. They assume that if you cannot look directly at them then you must be hiding something and so everything is not above board. The eyes are an incredibly important part of our non-verbal communication and they can say so much without us having to even open our mouths. Honesty is essential if people are to build trust whether in a business or personal capacity.
  • It helps build understanding – Sometimes when people are talking, the message can get lost and this leads to misunderstanding. By holding and maintaining eye contact, you are helping both yourself and the other party to focus on the conversation and you can read what the other person is really thinking by looking into their eyes. If you’re holding eye contact with someone then it’s letting them know that you are truly listening and that you do think that they are important.

If you rely on your persuasive abilities to get new customers to sign on the dotted line then having direct eye contact with potential customers is one sure way to influence people and to help to lower their resistance. There have been many studies on the matter and they tell us that when we make eye contact together then we are communicating and this helps to strengthen the bond in any relationship.