Tips to Create Your Unique Christmas Mood

The holidays are around the corner, but less people are interested in Christmas decorations mostly due to harsh economic times and less time to prepare. Even magazines are delaying publishing their Christmas décor tips for fear that few people will read them. However, you don’t need a full spread to copy ideas from. These simple tips should get your home décor plans for Christmas ready on time. 

Put up a display of Christmas lights

Use up whatever extra room you have to create a breathtaking festive scene. Coffee tables, consoles, and even mantels may be adorned with Christmas lights and seasonal fruits for a beautiful, extravagant display that won’t break the wallet. The simple act of filling vases with plums can bring a great deal of style to any space this holiday season. 

Minimalist Theme for Christmas Lights

Winter is all about snow, and since Christmas usually happens during winter, maybe it is time to think of a white Christmas and nothing goes better than a minimalist theme for this season. A minimalist theme doesn’t really mean there will be no color just that you will need to space out your decoration in a way that leaves plenty of block spaces. Try decorating your Christmas trees with a lot more white glitter and faux snow if there are available. Use pines and cones to make a beautiful garland that you can hang on entry ways or on walls. The idea is to make your decoration stand out by placing them spaced out.

Matching Christmas Lights To Your Home Lighting

As Christmas Eve approaches, you’ll need to figure out which lights to pick to go with your theme. Getting the right mood is all about lighting and therefore, you need to see how your choice of lights will blend with your usual house lights. A great idea is to start with the major centerpieces near the fireplace and the Christmas trees. A minimalist theme would go really well with more than one Christmas tree as this will allow you to center most of your décor in single spaces and not spread out making your house messy.

Use Plenty of Candy Cones

A candy cone is the perfect décor item to have when going with a minimalist theme. Candy cones are white and already have red and green stripes, which make them blend in with your minimalist background. However, if you were going with a woody theme, the candy cones should go next to your garlands and decorated Christmas trees. They create the prefect color blocking against a greener background. With enough foliage, you can make the candy cones and the Christmas trees, the centerpiece of your Christmas décor. 

Wrap up a bunch of pretend presents and have a happy Christmas

Once the presents start coming in, the Christmas tree and the rest of the decorations light up like never before. After years of shooting Christmas scenes, the staff at Ideal Home is well aware of the blatant inaccuracy of utilizing fake presents as props. Stunningly wrapped boxes are a simple way to liven up any holiday scene. 

Showcase star-themed ornaments

Avoid underestimating the impact of large paper stars and other basic paper decorations while decorating Christmas trees on a budget. That is especially true if you craft the stars yourself from recycled materials. Good fortune may be found by hanging a garland of stars in the window.

Kitchen Décor for Christmas

Your kitchen is a key location for your holiday celebrations. Whether your kitchen is already minimalist or not, you can still try out some décor ideas to bring out the color theme you want. White is a great background if your kitchen is woody themed. Since most people have this theme, you can add some flowers and candles to add more aesthetic appeal. Since you need more light in the kitchen, try adding bottle lights which you can do on your own to reduce extra spending. 

An inject of vibrant color

Add a splash of color by switching up your standard sofa cushions for some in holiday tones and including a plaid blanket or rug. Adding big knots or sprays of fresh evergreen to your already decorated picture frames, mirrors, or bookcases can instantly transform the space into a winter wonderland. Garnish display cabinets and window sills with Christmas figurines and strands of fairy lights. A few candles, pinecones, lemons and other citrus fruits casually arranged about the living area, dining table, or the kitchen counter will provide for a cozier general atmosphere.

Overall, getting the right theme for your Christmas goes way beyond Christmas lights and Christmas trees. It will be in the little details you put here and there. You can add simple items around your house and create something truly memorable.