Copper Clasps and Where to Get Them: Select the Appropriate Clasps for You

copper clasps

Copper is the oldest metal on the planet and the first metal ever used by humankind—and it is used to make copper clasps. As a result, copper jewelry can be found at various prices, from cheap to high-end.

Copper Clasps and Where to Get Them: Select the Appropriate Clasps for You

It’s probably safe to argue that picking copper clasps isn’t the most crucial decision a jewelry designer must make. However, you’ll be sorry if you choose the improper clasp for your jewelry.

Jewelry clasps are sometimes overlooked, although they play a significant role in the piece’s overall design. Choosing the right clasp is possible to give jewelry a sophisticated and stylish appearance. In addition, the precious metal you’ll pick significantly impacts the jewelry’s durability and sturdiness.

Copper is a raw material for jewelry-making that can be recovered in the Earth’s crust. However, copper isn’t the only metal in the world.

Our organs and metabolism benefit from the trace element copper, which is found naturally in our bodies. Copper is also the oldest metal on the planet and the first metal ever used by humankind.

An eye-catching reddish-orange tone and its malleability make copper an ideal material for jewelry. Despite its popularity as a jewelry metal, copper has been around for a long time. According to archaeological evidence, copper jewelry was first used in the 8th century B.C.

Copper is a very durable alloy that can withstand continuous use. Due to its high wear resistance, it’s a no-brainer to utilize copper as a jewelry metal. In addition, copper does not rust but develops a beautiful green patina over time.

Necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are all jewelry examples that require copper clasps. The clasp used in a piece of jewelry is often determined by its size, style, and quality. Be aware of your alternatives and how each clasp functions so you don’t mistake picking the appropriate clasp for jewelry.

A Detailed Guide To Jewelry Clasps: Choosing The Suitable Copper Clasps

Copper jewelry can be found at various prices, from cheap to high-end. The price of a piece of jewelry depends on different factors, like the vendor, the quality of the metal, and so on. 

Barrel clasps

Barrels are sometimes known as torpedos because of their shape. These clasps open and close using a threading technique that requires you to twist the clasp. The term comes from the fact that it resembles a barrel when the clasp is twisted shut.

Bracelets with barrel clasps are inconvenient to fasten with one hand. Another disadvantage of using barrel clasps is the difficulty of usage if you have a problem with your hands. Even so, barrel clasps are reliable and safe for most jewelry clasping needs.

Ball clasps

It is common for bead or ball clasps to have a tab or bayonet closure. A bead clasp is well known for its aesthetic appeal. You can wear ball clasps with a wide range of jewelry but are particularly well-suited to items that feature beads.

Bolo clasps

These clasps are found not only on lariat necklaces but also on bracelets. Because of their creative versatility, you can use clasps to enhance your jewelry design. However, even the strongest ones can break when it comes to chains, especially if they’re too thin.

Bolo clasps are a popular choice for sliding bracelets and necklaces since they’re stylish and easy to use. These clasps let you fine-tune your jewelry to your exact specifications. In addition, they’re simple to put on and adjust, allowing you to tailor your jewelry to your style.

Box clasps

Gemstones, precious metals, and other decorative features can be added to box clasps to match the overall design. However, even though they’re reasonably strong, they aren’t ideal for jewelry that weighs a lot.

It is easy to incorporate box clasps into a design because they are elegant and trendy. Jewelry such as diamond tennis bracelets frequently contains them. However, the box clasp has some drawbacks, including the potential to become jammed and injure itself by removing it. In addition, the hinged lid is prone to breaking.

Fishhook clasps

These clasps are not as ordinary as other clasps, but they can still be found. Decorative features such as diamonds, jewels, or inlay work can be used to enhance their elegance. In reality, it’s just a metal hook that slides into an oval-shaped slot within the box.

The hook that goes into it is shaped like a fishhook, therefore the name “fishhook.” Necklaces and bracelets of lighter materials are ideal candidates for this clasp style. However, most people prefer to wear them as necklaces because they might be challenging to put on with one hand.

The fishhook clasp is one of the plainest and most frequent forms of clasps. An S-shaped piece of metal in the clasp hooks onto a ring at the opposite end of the amount of jewelry via a hole at the open end. If the chain has numerous rings, you can modify the length. It is possible to employ hook clasps in various jewelry designs. Despite their lack of sophistication, these clasps perform their duty.

Lobster clasps

Lobster claws can be made in various sizes, shapes, and styles. A wide variety of jewels can be safely stored, making it an excellent choice. The clasp’s size should be proportional to the jewelry’s size. For example, a tiny, lightweight lobster clasp works nicely for a similar chain, while a more oversized, heavier clasp is recommended.

The lobster clasp is frequently used in jewelry because it resembles a lobster’s claw. The claw can be opened by pressing down on the small lever. The claw will automatically close when the lever is released. Spring-loaded and self-closing lobster clasps are an excellent choice.

Magnetic clasps

A magnetic clasp has one part attached to both ends of the piece of jewelry connected to it. It forms a tight seal when ensembled together with the other jewelry parts. Strong magnets are used in magnetic clasps to ensure a secure fit.

When it comes to the clasp, the design is attractive and straightforward, making it an excellent choice for jewelry designs. However, it can fall if you pull on a magnetic clasp with too much power. Consequently, it is advisable to use this clasp with light jewelry.

Magnetic clasps can be incredibly simple, even with just one hand. Therefore, bracelets and those with dexterity impairments benefit significantly from this design feature.