4 Tom Ford Perfume Impressions for Men

Tom Ford Perfume

Tom Ford is a modern fashion brand known for creating stylish and popular items. Their perfumes cater to both men and women, offering a modern scent that stands out. The fragrances feel fancy and are crowd-pleasing. Tom Ford’s masterpieces for men, like Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood, have masculine notes like tobacco, leather, and oud. 

Usually, Tom Ford’s perfumes are quite expensive worldwide. However, with Rawaha, you can enjoy these luxurious scents at more affordable prices, giving you a similar experience to the top Tom Ford perfumes for men.

  1. Roman Leather Top – Impression of Tuscan Leather

Tuscan Leather is a classic blend that starts with scents like raspberry, saffron, and thyme. It becomes even more unique with olibanum and night-blooming jasmine, making it modern and special, feeling both natural and fancy. At the bottom of the smell, there’s a kind of attraction that’s not too strong but really interesting, made with leather, suede, woody scents, and amber. Roman Leather Top is our version of the Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Top.

  1. Agarwood Extreme – Impression of Oud Wood, Regular

Oud Wood is a timeless fragrance from Tom Ford known for its deep oud scent blended with cardamom and vanilla, giving off a sophisticated masculine aroma. It’s like a warm and cozy feeling on a chilly winter night. The addition of spicy cardamom adds an exotic touch, making it truly special. Agarwood Extreme by Rawaha is their take on Tom Ford’s Oud Wood.

Agarwood Extreme starts with a fruity and musky impact followed by metallic notes. The scent feels fresh. Initially, bergamot and orange create a familiar opening, but it’s elevated by a green tea note that becomes prominent, accompanied by dark currant in the heart of the fragrance.

  1. Tabac Lounge Top – Impression of Tobacco Oud

Tobacco Oud from Tom Ford is a spicy, wood-based fragrance. Rawaha’s impression of it is Tabac Lounge Top. It’s a scent that feels dry, smoky, and intense. It starts with a bourbon note and then transitions to deeper, cooked flavors mixed with subtle hints of cinnamon and coriander over completely dry incense. As it settles, it leaves a long-lasting impression of woody notes infused with the strength of oud and cedar.

  1. Extremely Fantastic – Impression of F. Fabulous

Extremely Fantastic is a rebelliously great scent that blends spiciness with a luxurious leather aroma, making it feel warm and indulgent. It starts with clary sage and lavender. In its heart, there’s a mix of gourmand almonds and orris that add a rich texture to the lovely leather scent. The base notes include tonka bean, cashmere, and amber, emphasizing the leather from the heart. The overall effect is exceptionally beautiful, and no other name could describe it better. Extremely Fantastic is our version of Tom Ford F. Fabulous.


Tom Ford’s men’s fragrances transcend mere scents; they epitomize luxury, uniqueness, and exquisite taste. Given their higher price range, Rawaha’s interpretations of Tom Ford perfumes offer an avenue to relish the essence of this esteemed fragrance house without straining your budget.