What are the Lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds for Jewelry?


Most people think that lab diamonds are some diamond simulants. However, this is not the case. Lab diamonds are also real diamonds similar to their natural counterparts in their chemical and optical properties. Then what’s the difference?

Which one should I prefer – A lab-created diamond or a natural diamond?

  • Lab-created diamonds do not require mining, and therefore we consider them a more responsible choice. They are produced in laboratories; therefore, they do not require digging the earth for their discovery.
  • Lab-created diamonds have similar physical, chemical, and optical properties that the mined diamonds have. They are as durable as natural diamonds, and they do not lose their shine because their structure is the same as natural diamonds.
  • Lab-created diamonds are better affordable than natural diamonds of the same size and beauty. Lab-created diamonds also give good value to your money. Therefore if you are on a budget, lab diamonds are a worthy alternative to natural diamonds.

But what are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are also known as human-made diamonds, engineered or cultured diamonds. They are prepared in strictly controlled laboratory environments through advanced technological procedures. Care is taken to simulate the necessary conditions for diamonds to develop naturally under the earth’s crust. These lab-created diamonds are identical to natural diamond crystals in the structural arrangement of carbons. Therefore, they exhibit similar chemical and optical properties.

These lab-grown diamonds are easily available in many colors, including the fancy colors rarely found in nature, such as the vivid fancy yellow. You can buy these colored diamonds at comparatively lower prices than the natural colored diamonds.

What about Lab Diamond Jewelry – Is it a Good Choice?

This is the most obvious question that arises in everyone’s mind looking for beautiful yet long-lasting jewelry. Yes, we can say that you will surely not regret buying some jewelry that contains lab diamonds instead of mined ones. Lab-created diamonds come in a great variety of shapes:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart

Therefore you can easily find your favorite shape in lab diamond rings, lab diamond bracelets, lab diamond necklaces, and lab diamond earrings, or you can go for customized lab diamond jewelry.

Lab Diamond Jewelry as an Expression of eternal love:

Lab diamond jewelry customized for your loved one is the best way to say, “I love you.” You can choose the favorite metal and stones and blend them in a style that is just for your special one. Make your engagement day special and memorable, and let your engagement ring last for a lifetime.  

Beautiful, unique, handcrafted jewelry is the best expression of love. Whether you are looking for a perfect custom ring for your engagement or planning to upgrade your wedding band, lab diamonds are a perfect choice. You can get your dreams to come true in a very affordable yet beautiful way, convey your ideas to the jewelry designers, and they will design the best for you.

Lab diamonds engagement rings – Beautiful Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship:

To promote a mining free industry, you can buy predesigned engagement rings or customize a design to get amazingly beautiful engagement rings with lab-created diamonds. You can customize your ring by selecting your favorite lab-created diamond accents and the natural or lab-created center diamond. If you choose a lab-created center diamond, we offer a great variety of lab-created accent diamonds to complement your design.

How are lab diamonds created?

The lab-created diamonds are produced from tiny carbon particles of pre-existing natural diamonds. Two methods are used alternatively to produce diamonds under very modern technological procedures. 

They are created either by using extreme pressure and heat or by a deposition process called CVD. Some laboratories apply both procedures to simulate the natural process of diamond formation. 

To produce fancy colored diamonds, a small number of trace minerals are added, which impart the color to the diamond. The process is nearly similar to that occurring in nature. The exact mineral composition may differ in both lab and natural diamonds, but care is taken to keep them visually and physically the same as naturally occurring ones.

How to Distinguish Lab diamonds and natural diamonds:

Lab diamonds and natural diamonds are identical in their physical appearance and their chemical properties. Therefore it is nearly impossible to identify them with naked eyes. Specialized equipment is used to distinguish between them, which considers the composition of trace minerals and the pattern of crystal growth.

Lab Diamonds are also available in fancy colors:

Lab diamonds are most often found in yellow, pink, blue, and orange colors, which are beautiful and are used to create lab diamond jewelry, such as lab diamond rings and lab diamond earrings. And the best thing is that they are more reasonably priced than the natural diamonds with fancy colors.

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  1. Lab-grown diamonds are not diamonds, but they are eco-friendly to use. That’s why lab-grown diamonds are increased their reach to customers’ minds. Lab grown diamonds are available for less price as they have the same appearance as natural diamonds.

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