10 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Colors That Totally Stand Out


A change of trend in the colors of a wedding outfit can be seen in every culture from the past 5 years. Hindu brides no longer limited to red, Christians to white and Muslims to green. It is like a global cultural exchange. Both the bride and the groom have started experimenting with colors to add a different touch to their wedding. 

To experiment is fun but nobody wishes to ruin the day with the wrong color. Selecting the perfect color can be a very difficult task because the shades of colors are like infinity. Before coming down to the color, the choice can easily be narrowed through simple tricks. Inspiration can be a major deal-breaker, if a color inspires you or has a meaning in your life or connectivity then you know your color for the wedding dress already. Location is also a major factor. Colors can come out differently in different lights and the natural setting of different locations. It is essential to pay attention to the location before deciding the final color. The other ways of narrowing down the color include the skin shade, season and your fiancé’s choice. 

To help you pick the color that stands out, we have chosen 10 unique colors you can experiment with and yet be the thunder of the show. 

  1. Lavender – It is the color that is usually saved for the theme of the wedding. This is because lavender is basic and yet gorgeous. It looks beautiful in the pictures. The dress in lavender is sure to look gorgeous. The shades around lavender can be picked for the dresses of the bride’s maids and groom’s tie. The good part about lavender is that it goes with both day wedding parties and night wedding parties when mixed up with gold or silver. The color is especially suitable for those who have a slightly dusky skin tone.  
  2. Red – For Hindus red is the traditional color and undoubtedly is brings out the beauty of the bride. Red is a bold color. For Christian, the red color wedding dress is sure to stand out. Red, from the perspective of psychology, is said to be a color that creates passion and energy in the atmosphere. Passion and energy, aren’t these two things we worry most about? Different shades of red can be selected according to time, season and skin tone. Bright red is considered to suit people with fair complexion better while dark red (maroon) is more suitable for dusky skin tone. 
  3. Sea Foam Green – The color is similar to mint green but lighter. Jenny Packham designed some dresses in mint green color and everyone went crazy after that. It is time to deviate a little from that and change the trend. This color looks beautiful is the dress is designed with silver borders or any silver detail. It is more suitable for day time weddings. It is a summer color and so it may not look very gorgeous if the wedding is in the winter season. It looks good on all the skin colors. 
  4. Steel Blue – It is again one of the colors that can look good on all the complexions. The good part of this color is that the bride and the groom can wear outfits with matching colors. Blue is the favorite color of many people, it is your wedding; everything should be your favorite. Why exclude your wedding dress? 
  5. Burnt Orange – Wedding dress of this color will neither look too flashy nor will the bride look dull. This is a color that has a perfect balance of standing out and yet giving a calm vibe. The color looks amazing during the evening and the day. It is especially suitable for autumn theme weddings. When combined with copper color the color stands out more.
  6. Warm Grey – The myth of grey being the color of aged people or a color wore during professional events is over. Grey has a way of bringing out the grace. The grey color wedding dress looks very elegant. It is a safe color for the dress if you do not wish to experiment. Combing any other color can give a gray more party look. Adding a color that makes your complexion look more gorgeous and suits the setting is the advice. 
  7. Black – If you are a Hindu then this color is not for you. In Hindus, wearing black or white during any kind of religious ritual is considered to be inauspicious. However, for others, black can be the go-to color. Looks amazing, suits all shades of skin, setting, time of the day, season and everything else. Black does not depend on any other color to stand out. Put on black and flaunt it like a boss. Black is said to be the color of dignity which adds up. 
  8. Silver – Silver is known to the color of females. It is also said to be the color of the moon. It is the perfect color to wear at night. Silver despite being bright has a calming effect on the mind. All the colors look amazing with silver due to its reflecting quality. This means you do not need to decide the theme colors according to the dress or the dress according to the colors of the theme. 
  9. Salmon Pink – Bright pink is for the funky kids, salmon pink can give a pinch of funkiness while looking all elegant and adorable. Salmon pink gives the feel of a neutral color. If the theme color of the wedding is a dark shade then you are going to get a lot of compliments for your dress.
  10. Gold – It is said that nobody looks bad in gold color. Besides as mostly silver is chosen over gold, how about shifting the table? It is a color that will automatically bring confidence in you on a day where a thousand butterflies will be flying in the stomach. In psychology, gold represents seeking knowledge and understanding things on the spiritual level. If this is your personality type, then go for it.

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