5 Outfits For Your Upcoming Honeymoon

You’ve worked hard planning every last detail of your honeymoon, from the island you’ll be visiting to the activities you’ll be doing and the restaurants you’ll be dining at. Now it’s time to figure out what to wear on your big trip! By choosing outfits that are both stylish and comfortable, you can enjoy your time away from home without worrying about whether or not your outfit matches well with the scenery or if your shoes are going to kill your feet by the end of the day. Consider these five outfits for your upcoming honeymoon and enjoy yourself!

Outfit 1 – Walking Around The City

Whether you’re in Italy or New York, walking around a new city can take quite a bit of energy. Look for an outfit that is comfortable and will keep you cool during your long walks across town. We suggest wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a fitted top and lace-up sneakers. Or a flowy summer dress with sneakers can also be just as comfortable, if not more! Don’t forget accessories such as your sunglasses and a cute crossbody bag or mini backpack to complete the look. 

Outfit 2 – Cafe And Drinks Date

Keeping it simple is best with something such as athleisure wear and an oversized blazer. Sneakers would go great with this outfit as well and are great for walking around town. If going out for drinks at night, you can make a quick stop at your hotel room and switch into a pair of heels for a dressier look. After all, the big trend right now is making athleisure look stylish. Take advantage of it and don’t forget to also switch out your day bag for an evening clutch.

Outfit 3 – Evening Gowns & Romantic Restaurants

If you’re spending your honeymoon in a tropical paradise, there’s no doubt you’ll be dining on delectable seafood and sampling delicious local cuisine—but, if it’s a luxury beachside resort, don’t forget to bring along a stunning evening gown or two. Whether you decide to dress up for dinner every night or pack something special for an occasional fancy-dress outing, it’s nice to have some elegant options. As far as accessories go, Honey & Ice necklaces go with just about any and everything. If you’re planning on going bold with a necklace, remember to keep your earrings simple.

Outfit 4 – Weekend Getaway On A Budget

Packing for a weekend trip is all about comfort, but you still want to look presentable. Opt for pants that won’t be too constricting or bind your legs if you’ll be hiking, and pack lightweight layers in case it gets chilly at night. Always have a pair of comfy sneakers at hand—just in case you decide to take an impromptu stroll or run down to catch your flight on time. Be sure to bring some leggings and t-shirts too: You never know when a shower will be required! And make sure you bring an extra outfit in case of spills, snags, or just general wear and tear.

Outfit 5 – Pool lounge and Spa day

Pack an outfit you can mix and match with at least one other item to easily create a poolside lounge or spa day outfit. Swimsuit separates such as Lands End Tankinis, a coverup, and a cute hat poolside makes for a stylish day at the pool. For a spa day outfit, pair a maxi dress with wedges or slides. 

When traveling, have several neutral-colored outfits that can easily be mixed and matched together so that you’re always prepared for any activity. Another benefit to this trick? It leaves extra room in your luggage so that you can bring back souvenirs!

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