Genuine Copper: A Timeless Metal for Jewelry-Making

Because of its striking orange-red color, copper is a favorite metal for making DIY jewelry and professionally-design jewelry.

Copper is a precious metal for producing jewelry; its tone makes it stand out from the crowd. In addition, copper jewelry looks unique and striking because it veers away from the usual sheen and hues of silver and gold.

If you want unique jewelry for your collection, jewelry made from genuine copper beads and findings is a great choice.

Because crafters can shape, imprint, and engrave copper, we can say that it is among the most adaptable metals in the jewelry-making industry. As a result, copper is a common choice for various jewelry designs and types.

Additionally, many people believe that wearing copper jewelry has many positive effects on the body. It occurs naturally and is considered an essential mineral. Many components of jewelry are made from copper. They are used as a covering in jewelry and have numerous other applications. Copper, in general, can be used in a wide variety of applications in multiple industries. For example, copper is equally helpful in electronics and appliances as in crafting jewelry.

Copper is among the earliest metals ever used by humans and one of the oldest metals in the world. Eventually, thanks to technological progress, copper came to be widely used to make alloys and jewelry.

Copper has symbolic significance and is believed to have curative powers. In ancient times, it served both protective and curative functions. These days, elaborate copper pieces occupy much space on the best jewelry tables. Do you need assistance locating the highest-quality copper for your jewelry-making endeavors? The internet offers a plethora of choices for beginning jewelry-makers.

If you’re interested in making copper jewelry at home, you can do so with readily available threads, wires, and genuine copper beads and findings. Metal beads are more durable, and they last longer, too.

Using Copper in Jewelry

Copper has a distinct hue, standing out from other common jewelry metals. Manufacturers use copper for bronze and brass, two of the most significant and economically successful metal alloys globally.

Copper’s natural origin means it probably was around before the dinosaurs. The earliest humans utilized it for fashion tools and weapons, but nowadays, it’s more commonly used in the jewelry industry.

Copper holds the distinction of being the first metal ever used by humankind. Copper’s use has grown steadily in response to technological developments, pushing it to the position of the second most widely employed metal on the planet today.

Native copper is copper in its unrefined, natural state. This mineral was the primary source of copper throughout history. In the United States, Michigan holds the record of having plenty of natural copper deposits. Malachite, bornite, and chalcopyrite are three of the most important substitute ores for copper today.

Because of copper’s inherent toughness and distinctive reddish-brown hue, it is an excellent metal for use in jewelry. In the eighth century B.C., copper was initially used to create jewelry. Furthermore, it pairs beautifully with jewels of other colors, such as red, blue, and green. It complements gold and silver well while adding a touch of antiquity.

Why Choose Copper Jewelry?

1.     Copper jewelry tends to last longer than other jewelry. Pure copper is usually combined with more robust metals like brass or bronze.

2.     Copper jewelry items leave enzyme reactions in the form of green stains on the skin, which are thought to have therapeutic effects. These stains are not problematic; you can readily clean them with warm water and soap.

3.     Copper has antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and does not hurt or irritate the skin.

4.     Copper’s reputation as a calming influence on the body, mind, and soul makes it a wise choice for long-term jewelry.

5.     Because copper is so naturally malleable, it may be cut, engraved, and embossed with various designs.

6.     Copper’s worth depends on where you do your shopping, which is another perk. You can efficiently work with your budget requirements as there are cheaper alternatives when buying completed copper jewelry or copper beads and findings for making your own jewelry home.

7.     Are you into energy healing? Copper is known as an enhancer or catalyst. You can use copper in your energy field practice to improve your intuitiveness, energy, and abilities. Copper also supports goodwill and harmony.

Caring for Your Copper Jewelry

·       Avoid contact with any chemicals while wearing copper jewelry.

·       Copper jewelry needs to be polished and cleaned more frequently than other types of jewelry to maintain its luster.

·       It’s alright to wash your copper jewelry in lukewarm water and soap. Another option for removing any grime or dirt is to use the softest bristle brush you can find. There are many choices for brushes designed specifically for cleaning jewelry online.

·       Copper can retain its luster even after water immersion. Therefore, sweat is not a problem. However, expect the copper to change color over time. Use the same warm water and soap used for a regular bath to clean it.

·       Copper is easily tarnished, but you may protect it by soaking it in a solution of equal parts lemon juice and vinegar. Try soaking it for ten to twenty minutes. Keep in mind that the acidity of vinegar or lemon juice could potentially damage any gemstones you may have on the copper frame. A professional cleaning service should be consulted in such instances.

·       If you’ve just cleaned your copper jewelry, you should let it dry completely before putting it away, as copper tarnishes when exposed to air and moisture.

·       Before putting jewelry into a Ziplock bag, please protect it from tarnish by wrapping it in the anti-tarnish paper.


Everything else you wanted to know about copper jewelry is already here. In other words, it’s a good investment that will last much longer than you expect. So if you already have sterling silver jewelry, gold-filled beads, and other fabulous jewelry items, there’s no harm in expanding your aesthetic horizons and trying copper jewelry for a change.