Should You Shampoo Twice Or Is This A Myth?

Shampoo Twice

Take a look at any celebrity blog, magazine article, or other story reporting on the latest in celebrity developments and you’ll probably find one of them talking about their hair. The fact that it always looks stunning can make you try whatever routine they are doing. But, the truth is that there are many myths and misleading statements.

Washing your hair twice is one of them.

Understanding Shampoo

If you look at the available shampoos you’ll find some are filled with chemicals and others use natural ingredients. The products that use natural ingredients, such as the ones in this haircare range, are much better for your hair as harsh chemicals can damage your hair in numerous ways. This includes dehydrating it, stripping the oil from it, and even making it brittle

The basic instructions are the same on all shampoo products: lather and then rinse. The bottle may say to repeat but is this really a good idea?

It depends on your hair.

Oily Roots But Brittle Ends

Brittle ends happen when there isn’t enough oil on your hair. The oil protects the hair from contaminants and damage, helping it to look fantastic and for you to feel confident. In effect, the oil produced by your scalp is not getting to the end of your hair. There are two common reasons for this

  1. You have curly or thick hair
  2. Your shampoo is harsh and removing oil from your scalp

If the reason is curly or thick hair then your hair type is simply stopping the oil from travelling along with your hair properly. It is also often the case that people with this type of hair wash it less often, allowing dirt and debris to build up in your hair.

In this instance shampooing twice can help to ensure all the debris is removed allowing the oil to move through your hair.

Should the reason be harsh chemicals, you need to change your shampoo.

Thin Or Damaged Hair

Thin hair or hair that is already damaged won’t benefit from being shampooed twice. When you shampoo you are really cleansing the scalp, allowing your body to look after your hair without interference. 

If your scalp isn’t healthy due to excess shampooing causing skin conditions, your hair won’t look its best. 

Instead of shampooing twice, you should shampoo once properly. This means using a shampoo that doesn’t irritate your scalp. You’ll then want to gently lather it into your hair, making sure you massage the scalp at the same time.

The key to getting great hair and shampooing only once is to leave the shampoo in while you wash in the shower or bath. You can rinse it out just before you finish and this gives the shampoo time to do its job. 

You’ll be saving money by shampooing once and avoiding using excess product. More importantly, your hair will look better for it from tip to toe.  It all starts with a good quality shampoo.