What is linen and how can one wear it?


Everyone loves a great linen attire in the summer. It is no secret that linen outfits are amazingly light and comfortable on a hot summer day. 

Not only it provides a relaxing wear in hot and humid weather, but also gives a wonderfully sophisticated look. It gets even better when you know the properties if the material and how best you can make use of it as your clothing

What Is Linen?

Linen is a naturally occurring fibre which comes from the flax plant Linum or usitatissimum. There is evidence to imply that a linen manufacturing industry was once in operation in Egypt over 4,000 years ago and later the knowledge was conveyed through to Europe and countries such as northern Ireland became the home for modern line products. 

Different types of linen wear

The popularity of linen is not short among todays generation, you cannot count out the older ones as well, and it has genuinely become the most sought after clothing fabric among men. 

However, you’ll have to break some sweat if you want to find pure and genuine linen clothing whether in your nearby shops or you are shopping linen dresses online. Everyone is aware of how easily wrinkled linen gets and how difficult it can be to wash it, that is why most linen products are a mixture of linen and other materials.

Still there are different ways to wear linen and we are going to discuss just that.

Linen suits

To wear linen boldly is to accept the materials furrowedness, and linen suits provide the perfect opportunity to do that. It is wonderful for relaxing summer wedding or party, a simple two-piece made of linen helps you not only look cool but stay cool on a rather warm day.

Linen blazer

It is not easy to go formal with a business appropriate look when summer comes knocking but with linen on your side you can always breezy on with fine linen blazers . You can also wear linen cut blazers with jeans and chinos if you think formal cotton pants won’t stop creasing. 

Linen shirts

A linen shirt is the perfect fit when it comes to summer dressing. Relating to its laid-back appeal, a light coloured version of finely cut linen shirts will allow you a breezy feel a great formal look with under a suit. And if you are looking for a weekend stroll outside or a picnic with the family you can adorn a linen shirt or T-shirt with casual shorts to look the part.

How to get the best linen outfit this summer?

Can’t say much about other fabrics, but you will surely get what you pay for when it comes to linen made products. 

It would be advisable to stick with renowned names whose linen products are popular, whether you are shopping physically or going for linen dresses online, buying from those who know the trade is always a better choice.

Of course, whatever you buy, you must know that quality linen product will demand some price so be mindful of what you want to do, make a good investment.

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