Best Summer Collection for Women in 2019

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Fashion – A perfect manifestation of the sartorial experiments. The word has been creating trends and ruckus. It is something one can easily connect with. Fashion keeps on changing with times. The odd ones; the old ones; the ancient ones – Everything’s Game!! Are you also a fashion-forward person? Do you want to keep you look-book perfect and in vogue? Does the word ‘latest’ matters for your daily dress-up?? If we have earned a nod from you; then we have got something for you.

Given below is one of the perfect compilations of 2019. This post comprises the best summer collection for women in 2019. The winters are finally going and it’s time for the chic summer!! The long and flowy skirts; lovely cotton; shorts – Yay!

So, you can read the following post for the best inspirations. Some of them are imported directly from the international ramps. So, gear up for the best summer collection ideas. Are you having any qualms about the budget?? What are the goodies like Jabong Offers meant for??

Summer Collection 2019 for Women:

1 – Beige is IN!!!


Let’s put the First Things First. Beige is ruling the international fashion trends like a boss. You can find jumpsuits; skirts; dresses; blazers; shorts; pants – everything!! It featured heavily in the Vogue’s Spring Collection for 2019. So, women, be ready to include some classy beige pieces. For an effortless statement, opt for styles you are comfortable with.

2 – Bright Candy Colours:


The peppy and bright candy colours are so IN!! Like, really in!! You can find dressing essentials for men as well as women. Bright yellow tops; Bright yellow bottoms and candy pink shoes – So yumm!! The international ramp was indeed showcasing them. You will also want to add some trendy looks in your wardrobes. Check the latest Prabal Gurung collection for Spring and Summer. You will be lured into the fascinating candy colour palette. To keep things in your pockets, use the discount options such as Jabong offers.

3 – Boho is Back with a Bang!!


Were you gloating over the Boho items you have? Were you lamenting that they are so out of fashion?? Well, then breathe and be surprised!! They are back. Boho fashion is back in the latest looks of international fashion. Thus, the tops; tassels; pants; frills and all the other quirks actually came back. The colours are obviously summery shades in bright sentiments.

4 – Urban Chic and Fusion Wear:


If you doubt us, go check the latest outfits of Bella Hadid. She would surely inspire your summer wardrobe. Urban chic and fusion wear is the latest craze in fashion. There are various options such as:

•    Flowery Prints

•    Full flared palazzos

•    Flower print dresses

•    Oversized shrugs and tops

•    Deep-neckline tops etc

5 – Mono-coloured Formal Suits:


The mono-coloured formal suits in rich tones are here!! And, they are going to be sported by men as well as women. The formal wear has been gaining attention in India. Earlier, the trends were weaker. But, the recent rise of the women in the workforce has made the need felt. The rich and deep tones are more than welcome. Get the inspirations from the International dress-boards.

6 – Crisp White Accents:


No summer wardrobe can be complete without the crisp whites. Shirts, tees, trousers, pants, semi-formal pencil pants – white is a must! It is a colour that brings out the inner you. You can be stylish; ostentatious; pure; scintillating; sexy with white. The shorts and tight pleats are the perfect companions of white for summer 2019.

7 – Animal Prints:


Well, irrespective of the Fashion Police, they are ruling the latest trends. The animal prints are becoming popular yet again. From wrap-arounds to suits and from palazzos to blazers; they are everywhere. Check the latest photos from the International fashion destinations for ideas.

8 – Blazers with shorts:


Gone are the days of tank-tops and shorts. The shirts and tops are also bygone. The super sleek and semi-formal blazers are all the rage. Setting the trends on fire are the shorts with blazer look-books.  People are sporting it. Women, girls, socialites and fashionistas all are flaunting those legs. So, get some creativity going on and get a new look for yourself.

9 – Puff Shoulders and Sleeves:


Hmm.. we know that you might look bulkier in them. But, the latest photos have been suggesting otherwise. Even the Indian fashion icons like Sonam Kapoor have been sporting the puffed shoulder. Even the puffed sleeves are making heads turn. Make them quirky and oversized and you are even more trendy!!

10 – Ripped Loose Denims:


Let your skin breathe in ripped and loose denim this summer. The summer of 2019 is going to be a breather for the legs as well. The jeans have gotten ripped and loose. Buy some summery shades and you are all set!!

So, kick-start you look-book preparations as the summer is peaking at you!! Save the money and spend smartly using the Jabong Offers!!

Happy Summers!!

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