How to Apply False Lashes and Lash Recommendations

How to Apply False Lashes

For all makeup and beauty enthusiasts, applying false eyelashes is a step that cannot be skipped. There’s a big difference between a look with and without false eyelashes, as they add unparalleled glamour.

Although fake lashes are cheap and easy to put on, using false eyelashes is still a very difficult task for beginners – especially if you want them to look as natural as possible.

To help you out, I’ll explain step-by-step in this article how to apply false eyelashes, which tools to use, and include some makeup tips and tricks to help you solve any common false eyelash problems.

How to Apply False Lashes?

Step 1: Remove the lashes from the package.

Take your time, otherwise, you will damage the shape of the lashes. Get as close to the adhesive as possible and gently pull it out with your fingers or tweezers.

Step 2: Trim your lashes to fit your eyes

Before you start wearing it, you should measure your lashes to fit your eyes. The outer lashes should not be left too long, otherwise, they will look droopy and sad. If you need to trim your false lashes, trim from the outside of the strip to remove excess overhang. The inner end of the trimmed lash strip should sit above the end of the iris before the inner corner of the eye begins so that the lashes don’t irritate your tear ducts.

Step 3: Apply your lashes with tweezers

After applying the glue, I recommend that you use special tweezers instead of your fingers to put on the lashes as it will be easier and more accurate. I have a little tip for you – using a small mirror. Place the mirror under your face and look down, almost as if you are closing your eyes. In this way, your eyelids will be extended and you will be able to see exactly where to place your lashes.

Lash Recommendations:

Now that you know how to wear false eyelashes, but you can’t use that knowledge if you don’t have a pair of good quality false eyelashes. Appearanz fake lashes will be your best buy!

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What kind of false lashes is your fave? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!